Proyek Kampung Loco

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News August 2008

Dear sponsors,

Let us give you the latest news. Family Geurts just returned from Lombok and they felt homesick already after one day in Holland. What a stories, we recognize all things and it feels as if we were there too.
Sorry, their travel stories on our website are only available in Dutch, but you can watch their photo's with the reports. We hope someday we have a translation of everything.
Anyway the family Geurts is also caught by the 'Kampung Loco' virus. In the meanwhile all kind of things happen.
A short notice:
The sponsorlist and the collected amount for the bemo is growing well. From the Netherlands we get a lot of sponsoring, but also from Indonesia (our anonymous sponsor was there again!).
We also got a donation from Amanda vc de la Hoya Cardinal, she heard from friends about the project, visited the website and made an spontaneous donation!
Even from Italy a lot of support is coming in. Through Andrea for sure.

But this morning we got a nice sms form Eful.
Today on the 14th of August some people form Italy visited the project. Omar, Cristina, Gabriele and friends.
They looked around in the kampung and our boys from the project explained everything. So now they sponsored the wonderfull amount of 7 million rupiah. And tomorrow all the kids from the kampung will get a real 'beef'burger' and an ice-cream.
They also decided to sponsor one of the High School students.
The children wil get overwhelmed, first they went to the waterfall with family Geurts (see photo's at ), and now this!
Most children had never been to the waterfall and have never eaten a beefburger.

Our project is alive and the bemo goes on driving!

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