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A new year, a new site...


At 12 we didn’t launch fire-works, but a new website.
Although, not completely new, but “refreshed”.

For various reasons.

Of course Tom likes building websites. But also for some technical reasons.
The websites now will be adjusted to the screen sizes of the users automatically.
Also maintaining the website is easier for us now, especially in different languages. Since Andrea is involved in Proyek Kampung Loco, the website has a lot of non-Dutch-speaking visitors.
We hope the site has become more clear.
Tom did a part of the adjustments for a school project of “voluntary working for community”.

Just visit the new site and see what changed...
  • the lay-out changed a bit, we also put some nice pictures on every page
  • with the monthly changing photo book, you also find archives of former photo-series and a lot of photos from Andrea
  • the travel-report of Joep and Marijke 2008 now has a lot of pictures (we’re not sure if we manage to get al the pictures also in the English version before 2009, if not, we soon will finish this part…)
  • the Proyeks changed a little, “Emergencies” and “Medicines” are now combined in one Proyek. We have a new Proyek, “General Support of Kampung Loco”.

We hope everyone gets used to the new site quickly!

If something is not working properly, please let us know!

Joep - Marijke - Tom


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