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Newsletter 27th of April 2010

And then we were home again. It still was so cold when we arrived. We even got to see and feel some snow. Even now we are still very cold. We got used to the warm climate.
We are not sure if we are still able to translate the report in English, because it is very long, over 4 months. Maybe some day?

Here is the last info:
-    In our last newsletter, we wrote that we were looking for a sponsor for 3 highschool kids. But a new anonymous sponsors came and took care of these 3 highschool boys for next year. A great gesture!
-    Jos and Maria Janssen and their kids gave a big donation in january, which we can spend the way we like. End of this year, when we are back again, we are going to use this to remove the rubbish in the kampung.
-    There was also an anonymous sponsor, who spontaneous offered to help Eful and Cuk. Those two would love to do a computer course. We think they undoubtedly earn this, but the course is not cheap. Somebody who read our reports frequently, offered to sponsor the course. He was thinking that our own people would be the last who gets help (and to be honest, that's true). So Eful and Cuk are going to do the computer course and so they can help us even more and also help the kids in the kampung. Great news.
Above mentioned info we got when we were still in Indonesia. But back in the Netherlands
 the story goes on. After one week of getting used, we picked up life here again.
-    Meanwhile we send all the sponsors an e-mail. From about 80% we got a reaction. Although some of the kids are going to a more expensive school, no sponsor yet stopped. Dear people, we are so happy that you still support them. This touches us deeply. We are waiting for some last reactions and then put the new photo’s one the website.
-    We went, together with our ambassador Wim, to restaurant In den Engel to personally thank them that they choose to support us again. And again we got an envelope. They have still a small collecting box for our project, were the guests put something in. Unbelievable but true!!!
-    Via Paul and Mariet Niessen, two ladies came forward, who were also interested in our project. Miep Weijers and Maria Geraeds. They want to support us too. It is great that sponsors are helping us. It good to know that they also inspire people to join us. Thank you.

Situation on this moment :
55 children elementary school
26 children junior high school
14 children high school
12 children university
2 people at computer course

A total of 109 persons, which we can help, thanks to you all. This is great!!!

A request to the sponsors who did not send a message back: could you please do this before the
7th of May. Because then we now if we have to arrange something extra before the schools
are starting in June.
Also when you have a new picture for on the site, please send it before the 7th of May. This
way we can make the site up-to-date.

Some extra info about the site.
The button for photo book is going to disappear. That program we used was not for free.
On Facebook (thanks to Andrea) we have a link now and we also can put easily photo’s and
movies on that site. This helps our webmaster Tom also, because he has to handle quit a lot
websites, so all help is welcome.
You can find it here:!/ProyekKampungLoco

This was again our information. We’ll keep you posted!!

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