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Newsletter 20th july 2010

Holiday is coming up. For many of you it is the time of rest and enjoying. You deserve it after a year of work and school. We hope you all have a great time. For the people who go (again) to Lombok: have a beautiful time and say hello to our little village!!!!

At the moment we are in the middle of the festival season, but we enjoy the job and the nice people we meet on the festivals. By the way it is a very good place to promote our project ha-ha. The nice thing is that we already have an almost regular sponsor on the Zoksfestival in Blerick. Every time he sees us he gives us something for the project. At Bospop festival was a nice girl who gave us something for the little children. That people even think of something like that, when they have there own party is great.
Now the latest news:
  • In our last newsletter we asked some sponsors still to react on our mail. Lucky for us we got 99% of the answers back. Some people just don’t send any answer. Things like that happens too. A few sponsors stopped. We understand en respect their decision and thank them for the support we had in the recent years.
  • Eful informed us that the village had problems with the Denque fever. The project gave a donation for the medication of this disease.
  • The Penjak Silat club called Seni Silat Satria Pusaka from Roermond send us an e-mail. This club tried to support us a few years ago with a demonstration day. It didn’t work out that time, but they didn’t give up. Now 2 years later we got an invitation to come to Weert. That is were Leon Gubbels , an ex-colleque of us lives. After a delicious Indonesian meal and a beautiful demonstration of this graceful but also powerful fighting sport, we received a cheque of € 500,-. Great that they didn’t give up, but really tried hard to give us the help. Thank you for this!!!
  • On a birthdayparty from a dear friend, we get the information that friends of them, Jan and Marian Houwen also go to Indonesian, togehter with their kids. On the end of their trip they will be in Lombok for a few days. Jan also tells us that he decided to give us the yields that he will get from his jubilea in June to our project. We are really overwhelmed by this gesture and on the 1th of July was his jubilea. After that still gestures were coming in. On this moment Jan and Marian have left for Indonesia and carrying a cheque with them with the great amount of € 5000,-. We promised them that when we get to Indonesia in December, we’ll have a good talk how to spend this amount on a good way. Jan thank you very very much. In the next newsletter we hope to show you a picture off the delivery of the cheque.
  • Last month we put the new pictures on the site. Meanwhile their were some changes. We put them in again shortly.
  • In Indonesia the new school year started already and all the children of the elementary school have their new uniforms. The children of the continuing education can collect their payment for school every month at the house of the boys of the project. They get new uniforms when school starts and only when something is damaged or to small, they get new things. For University the complete money goes for books etc.
When there are sponsors who wants specific information about their child and his/her family, please let us know. We will try to get all the information next wintertime.

This was the information for the moment. There remains to wish you all a great holiday. We still have to go on for a while and in the end of November we leave for Thailand and hopefully we arrive in Lombok in the beginning of December. Please enjoy yourselfs. The weather is perfect. On this moment even the Netherlands feel like the tropics.


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