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Newsletter May 2012

On the 8 of April we arrive back in the Netherlands. The weather is cold en grey, but after months of extreme heat, specially the last days in Bangkok, it is not so bad to be a little bit cold.

At home, we realize that we had a strong winter over here. As we turn on the tap for water, we here water every were, except coming from the tap. Whow, this really is a problem. For one and a half week we do without water, but with the help of some good friends like  Hans and Maan, we close 4 leaks, fix the geyser and buy a new tap for the shower. So were back in the running. Marijke starts to write e-mails to the first sponsors , but then we have a new problem. Marijke is hit by a hernia. The result, festivals be cancelled and sitting behind the laptop is almost impossible. That is why also the  sponsors have to wait.
But now, the end of May, everything looks well. The hernia is going better and it is time to talk to the sponsors again. Of course we excuse for let you wait, but now you maybe understand why. Anyway Joep is doing very, very well.  

In Lombok the project is doing just fine. We notice that the routine is coming and the rules help to get some structure in the project. Every Sunday morning in February we go to the house of Chuk and the children come for their annually picture. They start to get used to it. Also the first results of the project are coming in.  
Bulan Ramdani and Rian Jatul Jannah had choosen a one year education instead of the university. The result is that the ladies have a job now. Bulan Ramdani is working at a good restaurant and Rian Jatul Jannah is now a secretary at a Notary public office. Yes, that why we go for it!! Also Suhaeni, a boy from the project has a job now in a disco. Maybe for people over here is doesn’t look much, but in Indonesia these are good jobs. In the tourist en hospitality sector are the only chances to get a job, which you don’t have to buy. A job at the government had to be bought. We don’t know exactly for how much, but it is more the millions, rupiahs of course. This are things we see and learn on this moment. That is surely the advantage to life between the locals. We cannot change the way of life, but still support and help is worth trying.

Also some bad news. All things in live have 2 sides. One boy we had to remove from the project. He suppose to go from junior- to senior high school, but suddenly he thought the things he got to help him go to school, were not good enough. We buy the same shoes, socks and bags for all the children. The uniforms depends off course on which school they go. We invited the parents of this boy for several times to talk about this. But they never came. His sister in law asked us to help her finish the university. We found a sponsor for her and asked her two times to come to Chuck his house for registration and she could tell us what she needs. She never showed up. A family with different choices. So here it stops. We are learning to look at things more by the head then the hart. With only pity you cannot run a project. There is also a small boy, who went to the first class elementary school. Just suddenly his mother died. Father was very upset and didn’t know how to handle. We just wait a while and then we go and talk to the father. We believe that after a while everything will be oke.

The bemo (schoolbus) is doing well and pay for itself. The extra money is slowly getting less, because more an more people are choosing for their own motorbike. But driver Mus is doing his best and still gets enough money to pay everything for the car. The bemo looks well and we think he will manage for some more years.

The water tank and next door the toilet and shower are used daily by a number of people. For the use of the water we have a sponsor already for long time en we enjoy to see what a great idea it was to build these systems.

The money for medication is going out fast, very fast, but comes back with donations from the Netherlands. All sponsoring which is not directly for a child, goes to this donation part. Because of that al the people can go and see a doctor, get some medicine or go to the hospital. We notice that more and more people are going now to see a doctor. Before they would go to a local medicine man or woman. With all respect for these people, sometimes you really need a doctor!!!

Talking about a doctor. Also in Indonesia Marijke had to see a doctor and so we met Doctor Holis. A young lady at the age of 23, with a doctor degree. Our weekly visit (checking the blood pressure) ended up in becoming good friends and also talking about the project. One day she told us: “It feels crazy that foreign people have to help our people. I think we can and should do something”. After that she promised us to come to the kampong monthly and check the people for free. Thank you very much doctor Holis!

Also Chuk is doing very well. The computer course he and Eful did, has good results. Every month he sends us a beautiful review of how they spend the money. Every body who wants to know, just ask for it and we will send it to you.

In the mean while a lot of things happened over here.

Just before we leave in January we get a message from Jos and Maria Janssen then we get a donation to take to Lombok. Thanks a lot dear people. In the background you are always there.

From Vivian Metten we received an e-mail in January. Here you read a small part of it:

My children, Fleur and Mees, had the idea, during Christmas holiday to make a good purpose money-box out of cardboard. They put in some of their small money. Next to that, we (the parents) , grandfather-and mother and uncle helped a little bit. In total € 39.27  completed € 40,-. In consultation with the children we decided to give the money to your project. I am sure you find a way to use it (medication?)

Fleur and Mees, we are so proud of you. As young as you are, you are an example of how you can have a great Christmas feeling and really can mean something to other people. With this amount we can help a lot of people!

Some years ago we met Gerrie and Albert Jonkman with their son Jake. People who also wanted to try to do something for their fellow people. The project they started (a copy of ours which we like very much) is by circumstances not yet doing great. But is still in the planning. Albert got a message from one of his suppliers that they want to give them a great donation of € 1000,-. It concerns the company “Poelier Sluis” run by family v.d. Geest from Schiedam. This year Ton v.d. Geest got his first pension and this together with a small collection he donated to Gerrie and Albert, because he knew they were busy with a project. At that time Gerrie and Albert decided to give this amount to our project. This message just came at the moment that we were a bit worried.  Slowly we were getting a short of money for the boys and girls which are going to university, because they don’t go to governments university but to private schools. A mistake we solved for the future, but know we think this group must be able to finish the school. It was a mistake we made and not their responsibility. This great donation came just in time and we can go on. That is why we want to thank family v.d. Geest for their wonderful donation and also thanks to Gerrie and Albert for thinking of our project. And again we got help from a side we didn’t aspect and at the exactly time we needed it. Somewhere on our shoulder there is a little angel laughing at us.

Also we want to mention “our” sponsors, who, after paying for school sometimes give something extra to spend. Thank you very much. But to make every thing clear, we are very proud and grateful to all our sponsors. Without you we have no project. Keep supporting is the future for many children and other people in the kampong.

Meanwhile some sponsors already got a message and in the next few months I (Marijke) will start to send messages to the other sponsors.. Again sorry it takes a little longer this year, but we continue and we are so pleased with the people who don’t get crazy with the word “crisis” and who really know what the word means. Many people in Indonesia and other places in the wold, don’t even know that word, they just struggle day by day to get a meal. Realizing that makes the word “crisis” very simple.

For the next few months, have a lot of sun and warmth, specially in your heart and a wonderful holiday!


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