Proyek Kampung Loco

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 Information about hotels in Senggigi -
Travel agency from our friend Martin, owner of Mandalika Homestay.
 Lombok Travel Info - is a site of Eful. He is an English guide and organises tours on Lombok.

 Impian Anak" -
Project of family Geurts to help Lombok children go to school.
 Divecenter "Lombok Dive" -
Divecenter from Mohni situated in Senggigi.
 Andrea di Tonto's webpage to collect money for Proyek Kamung Loco -
 Andrea's travel stories -
 Children of Flores, The Nativitas Foundation -
The Nativitas Foundation supports Mrs. Marie Jeanne Colson (Mother Belgium) and five homes on the Indonesian island Flores where she helps disabled children and orphans to take up their lives.
 CITAVERDE speculaasactie -
About the "Speculaasactie" of the CITAVERDE college in Horst (NL).
 Antiochie -
Antiochie is a site dedicated to disciples of Christ with meetings in a spirit of unity in family houses. Giving support to some projects in accordance to the Bible.
Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. (Galatian 6:10)